Mental Wellness

The BCTF website offers various supports to teachers in need.

Starling Minds has an online program for mental fitness.  This has been designed with teachers in mind and is a free resource.  Click here to explore this option.

The BCTF Health and Wellness program.

The BCTF Health and Wellness program is a free resource for those looking to return to work from a medical leave or needing emotional support while working.  The consultants are there to help guide you to resources you may not have thought of previously or to support you as you build your capacity for the stresses of the daily work.  Click here to access the self-referral form.

The Well Teacher Group.

The Well Teacher Group is an opportunity to work with a small group of teachers and a trained wellness facilitator to enhance your self-wellness.  Click here to find out more.—a-free-wellness-workshop-designed-for-teachers

Financial Aid.

Did you know we have access to emergency financial aid?  Sometimes, the cause of our stress is financial.  If you find yourself in a serious temporary financial crisis, click here for the BCTF Financial Aid Society.

The BTA also offers emergency financial aid.  Click here to apply.

The BCTF Advantage program.

The BCTF Advantage program offers members discounts on various products including gym memberships.  Click here for a list of savings.

Benefits in the Contract.

Click here to see a full accounting.  2013-2019 Provincial Collective Agreement – Benefits (page 164-165)