Welcome to the BTA Pro-D Committee page!

The BTA strives to maintain collaborative professional development among all teachers. Here you will find information about workshops and facilitators, networking with colleagues, resources and other related topics.

The BTA supports teacher initiated professional development activities as outlined in the Collective Agreement. Together with the Joint Pro-D Committee, the BTA Pro-D Committee coordinates the District Pro-D Day in February of each year. For more information on the District Day, click on the link in the table of contents.

The BTA provides training for the Pro-D Contacts at each school. Through the Pro-D Contacts, we hope to ensure that school-based Professional Development remains relevant to the needs of the school staff. Information about the roles and responsibilities of the Pro-D Contact can be found by clicking on the Pro-D Contact tab on the left.


Did You Know_ FAQ Professional Development – Revised 19.Oct.1

2020/2021 BTA Pro-D Committee Members:
Kiran Abraham (Basran)
Mati Bernabei
Ceri Brophy
Brian Cameron
Mary Hotomanie
Holly Lloyd (Chair)
Donna Morgan
Geetu Parmar
Nadine Stack
Allen Tsang
Sarah Wong

2019/2020 Joint Pro-D Committee Members:
Kiran Abraham (Basran)
Mati Bernabei
Christina Fernandes
Holly Lloyd

Detached Duty:
20.21 Detached Duty Dates

Detached Duty Brochure – UPDATED