-Pro-D Contacts (2 per school)

Roles and Responsibilities of BTA Professional Development Contacts:

Professional Development provides teachers with ongoing opportunities for professional growth through formal workshops, working with colleagues, professional reading and many other activities.

  • Liaise with the BTA Pro-D Committee to ensure that school based professional development remains relevant to the needs of the staff
  • Attend Fall Pro D contact training session
  • Attend Spring follow up meeting
  • Provide information to staff about the February District Pro-D Day
  • Disseminate information to members from the BTA and the BCTF
  • Provide staff with guidelines around professional development activities
  • Communicate Professional Development opportunities to staff
  • Conduct a needs assessment survey provided by the BTA Pro-D Committee

—contact list to be updated after Pro-D training day

–contents of binder on line (?)

-Workshops and Facilitators (needs to be organized by topic and all e-mails entered)

Social Emotional Learning

Individuals  SD41 Director of Instruction

Executive Functioning; Social (speech-language pathologist in SD41); can conduct workshops

Wellness counsellor; Aleisha Stewart

Faye Brownlie; online videos; speaking engagements; books/resources



Mind Up

3-D Brain App for iPads, to go with Mind Up

TRIBES training

Zone ‘N Program (Cris Rowan website)

“How Full is Your Bucket?”


Laughing Yoga

Super Flex series around Self-Regulation

Zones of Regulation

School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS); search YouTube for video that shows the right and wrong way to behave at school

Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (POPFASD) website; full of ideas not just for FASD; good teaching strategies for ALL students

CSRI (Self-Regulation)



Carole Fullerton; new ways to approach Math;

Trevor Kaulkins’ Power of Ten

Peter Liljedahl at SFU

Selina Millar; Daily Math Investigations

Janice Novakowski, Richmond SD


Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks


Applied Differentiation workshop; Oralie Loong and Erin McGinley (Moscrop teachers)



Camp Jubilee

Voyager Canoes; Burrard Beach


Special Topics

Addiction and Technology; Ross Laird (Vancouver School Board)

Wellness; Acro Yoga

L.G.B.T.Q.; Sara Larsen (Primary), Dan Adrian/Kristen Green (Secondary); teachers in Burnaby who provide workshops

Inclusion B.C.

How Canada became a Democracy; Elections BC; “Student Vote” program

Dragon Boating at Granville Island

Christine Yu; Leapclinic on childhood anxiety

SFU Science Department offers free workshops for students and has run Pro-D sessions for teachers

First Nations Band offices; lots of great resource people; helped with science/environment field trips

Burnaby North website; click the ‘Staff’ tab – there’s a link to their Pro-D website