The Burnaby Teachers’ Association offers many different Committees; Standing Committees, Continuing Committees and Contractual Committees.

Standing Committees are: Aboriginal Educators; Adult Educators; Bargaining & Working and Learning Conditions; Grievance; Health and Safety; Political Action/Public Relations; Professional Development; Social Justice and Teachers-on-Call.

Continuing Committees are those recurring each year, but not arising out of contractual obligations. For example: Constitution; Bylaws; Policies and Procedures; District Resource Centre; Finance; Flexible Staffing; Resolutions; Salary Continuance and Scholarship.

Contractual Committees are those arising from contractual obligation. For example: Ancillary Services; Deferred Salary Leave Plan; Dental Plan; Detached Duty; Evaluation; Grievance; Primary Report Card; Intermediate Report Card; Joint Employee Assistance Plan; Joint Professional Development Joint Professional Growth and Leave of Absence.

For more details on committees please refer to the Policies and Procedures document (7.) in the “For Teachers” tab.